What is IDME?

Infant Developmental Movement Education helps to facilitate healthy brain and body growth through touch, movement and play.

Movement and touch comprise our earliest learning.  They are the first ways that we begin to know ourselves and the world around us, and they create a foundation for layers of complex learning throughout life.

As infants, we progress through patterns of movement skill and organization.  Gentle, non-invasive facilitation can help to ensure that these patterns arise and unfold fully, in the optimal sequence that nature designed.

The principles of Body-Mind Centering® provide a positive, holistic framework that looks first at a child’s inherent abilities. While engaging and following a child’s interest and curiosity, IDME promotes comfort, ease, and integration, empowering children to move into and relate with the world with a grounded sense of self.

The growing nervous system

Our movement experiences shape our early neurological growth.  The nervous system develops rapidly in the first year.  As our early reflexes appear and become integrated, they forge the sensory-motor pathways that will become the foundation for purposeful, volitional movement through space.

Early movement patterns lay the groundwork for synaptic connections within and across brain hemispheres. This is important not only for our physical coordination but also for organizing our perceptions and our range of responses to the outer world. Our early movement experiences help to shape our autonomic nervous system function, contributing to our overall tone of readiness and receptivity.

When reflexes do not have the opportunity to appear or to become integrated, and the corresponding movement patterns do not emerge or are interrupted in some way, this can create “gaps” in neurological connection. These gaps can lead to later learning difficulties, problems with attention and focus, poor coordination, and other cognitive and emotional challenges.

Facilitation helps to ensure that all potential movement pathways are available and utilized, creating a foundation of possibility as a child’s potentials begin to unfold.