For Infants

Gain practical tools for supporting your baby’s body and brain development during everyday play and handling.

Offering private sessions, community classes and living room playshops.

Private SessionsIn-home private sessions focus more specifically on the unique needs of your child and family.

Semi-private sessions are also available, if you would
like to share your session with a friend.

Please contact Emily with for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Community ClassesEmily’s accessible community classes are an opportunity to look more closely at the new things your baby is doing and to learn more about what to look for in the months to come.

Classes take place on a soft floor, where babies are best able to move and play together — “working on” their developing skills. In a warm and playful environment, each child receives one-on-one facilitation from Emily, and families each have a chance to ask questions or address specific concerns. Each family leaves with one or two specific lessons to practice during the week.

Living Room PlayshopsLiving Room Playshops

For your convenience and comfort, Emily will bring the benefits of IDME to your parent and playgroups!  Be in touch to schedule in-home classes in the mid-Hudson Valley or New York City for groups of 3 – 6 families. (More can be accommodated if space allows.)

All that is needed to host a Living Room Playshop in your home is enough floor space for all to sit comfortably, creating play space for the babies.
Mats and blankets can be provided if needed.

Playshop rates are dependent upon length of the class and number of families attending.

As the most benefit is gained by attending classes with regularity, weekly and biweekly packages are available.

Please contact Emily with any questions or for more information.