I couldn’t resist writing to tell you how wonderfully Lola has been doing since our private session.  Starting the next day, she has been going from sitting to crawling and from crawling to sitting — all by herself!  She is, of course, super happy about it and has been holding her own against her toy stealing brother. Thank you so much for working so well with her.  We are thrilled!   It looks like she has really turned the corner thanks to you.
~Mara, Lola’s mom

Emily is an amazing and gifted teacher.  She is knowledgeable, and plainly has an intuition beyond any textbook learning about our little ones’ bodies. Out of all the classes I attend with my daughter, Emily’s somatic movement class is by far my favorite and the most valuable! My daughter’s pediatrician was stunned by her advanced development, and I credit this class for supporting her growth. I appreciate that this unique class is really about the kids (as opposed to some mommy-and-me classes where the focus is on the moms). I really can’t say enough about this class, it is marvelous!
~Rachel, Ruby’s mom

Two people helped me survive my first year of motherhood, my lactation consultant and Emily. As a first-time mother I wasn’t quite prepared for a child with acid reflux. Emily showed me how to hold Aiden in such a way that helped him relax and become more comfortable — and it considerably reduced his crying! As he grew and the reflux subsided, she coached us on how to help him learn to roll over, crawl and to direct his focus to toys and activities. Aiden is two now, and we know that the work Emily did to ensure balanced, age-appropriate growth and advancement continues to pay off for all of us.
~Megan, Aiden’s mom

I’ve been to more than my share of NYC baby classes and this is the only one that is both entertaining for the babies and educational for the parents. I am a first-time parent and my baby started with Emily at eight weeks. Emily taught me games and tools to engage my baby and promote the next phase of development. She provided valuable, intelligent information about my baby’s growth. This is not a class where you sing songs and watch bubbles. Emily engages individually with you and your baby and helps to assess and promote each baby’s individual progress and development. I knew there was a lot to learn about parenting… but Emily takes all the guesswork out of movement!
~Hilary, Reese’s mom